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26.09.00 - 22:10:29

All day my eyes have been itchy and heavy. I stayed up so late last night. Took the bus home, and when I got off and walked towards home I saw a startling sight. This car had lost control (I'm guessing; I had to reconstruct what happened from the purple flares placed by the police) going north on Van Ness, and plowed into the road divider. Right into the "No left turn" traffic sign. The sign was bent completely back, and the car was sort of impaled on top of it. None of the car's tires were even touching the ground. It was one of the worst wrecks I'd ever seen. I could smell the burning flares. I know you're not supposed to gawp and gape at wrecks but I had to be honest with myself and keep looking. It was amazing. I tried to imagine what it would feel like to plow into a traffic sign at 40 miles an hour. I half expected the cops to come over and ask me to go away, but they didn't. The streets were quiet-- I looked at my watch and saw it was exactly midnight. The traffic lights were disabled and flashing red and yellow. Cars crawled by, guided by the purple flares. There was a billboard advertising some crap movie high above. I stayed there for a long long time, trying to imprint all the details of the scene into my mind..

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