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29.09.00 - 18:38:18

SOTM: Jeff Buckley "So Real" (even though I have the feeling that 95% of Jeff Buckley's fanbase consists of girls in their freshman year at college)

Beta Lounge last night-- atonality was the order of the day. Music was pretty bad. We saw Kit Clayton there. Sandeep was too cool to go over and talk to him, but I wanted to at least confirm his identity. It was funny because it's not like he's a celebrity in any real sense of the word, yet I was half-expecting him to cop a Sean Penn attitude. ("I'm sick and tired of all you paparazzi! Get out of my face!") He told me he's playing soon at Club Staple, wherever that is.

Pop quiz: suppose someone you know wants something very badly. Suppose you are it. Suppose you do not want to be wanted by this person, even though you like them very much. What do you do? Do you pretend that you don't know what they want? What else can you do?

A lot of people showed up last night-- Shrey & Mukal, Andy, Elio & three of his friends (including crazy Dan L. from KTRU!), Sandeep & Triet & Yanin, Angi & Jenny and me. Twelve angry men and women, judging everything in sight.

Elio Angi and I finally ate at Phukket. It was OK. I would say the best thing about it is the name.

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