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04.10.00 - 21:24:32

I should start with the Weekend Update, because I was too lazy (and busy) to do it until now.


Jenny and I went to Justice League. It was hip-hop night, but disappointingly there weren't any live MCs-- just djs. They were doing some cutting and scratching and all the things that djs do nowadays. There weren't that many people there.

We sat there for a while listening to the music, and I have to say it was kinda dull. So we were both mightily pleased when in addition to the music, they started showing Japanese cartoons about people who pilot giant warrior robots. (With subtitles, even, so you could understand the "plot".) Abstract hip hop goes suprisingly well with strange Japanese cartoons. The warrior robots were shooting cyclones at each other, destroying the countryside and wreaking havoc wherever they stepped. They had names like "Zooryder" and "Eyetrope". It was funny because just as I was saying to Jenny how weird those names sounded, I read this line of dialogue from the movie: "Zooryder! Where have I heard that name before?" (Answer: nowhere. Absolutely nowhere.)

After bouncing from Justice League, we were hungry & headed toward Clement & 26th for some sushi. We got hella lost and after driving around for a long time, decided to go to Japantown instead. Ok but then we couldn't find any places in Japantown that were open, except for Denny's. Hmm. My hopes that this would be an extremely esoteric sushi-serving branch of Denny's were quickly dashed when I opened the menu. The closet thing they had to sushi was a "Country Fried Fish Sandwich". We ate slowly, absorbed in the weirdly compelling vibe you get in a diner at 2 AM.


Met up with Angi & Jenny for dinner at this middle-eastern place. I had a falafel sandwich that was really just a burrito with chickpeas inside. Later, we smoked an apple flavored hookah (huge bong filled with flavored tobacco; goes down smooth and easy) and watched a disturbingly flabby belly dancer shake her hips in a well-intentioned but futile approximation of sexiness. She kept giving me what I think was supposed to be a sultry 'come-hither' look, but it made me want to crawl under the table and whimper.

After dinner we went to a cool coffeehouse on Clement. Clement is a really interesting street, filled with Vietnamese restaurants and late night haunts. I made a mental note to go back sometime and wander around. We drank our coffee and played Scrabble, and it was the first game in a long time where nobody was stoned or exhausted or on the verge of actual physical collapse. The usual controversial issues were debated...

  • Since we live in ebusiness hub San Francisco, with email and ecommerce everywhere, is it "elegal" (ha ha) to make new words by adding "e" to old ones?
  • Is there such a thing as a 'meatchair'?
  • Or, alternately, 'chairmeat'?
  • Doesn't 'chairmeat' sound like a good insult? "Bob doesn't know his PC from a hole in the ground." "Yeah, pure chairmeat."

Angi ended up winning (BOO-YA!),and as we were leaving the coffeehouse (because a really bad open mic comedy night had started-- any minute now I expected someone to quip "So what's up with them monkeys?") I saw that I had a call from Will. I returned it and we were soon off to meet him and friends at this bar in the Mission, Skylark. Confusingly, when we got there it turned out to be a different Will than the Will I was thinking of. Nevertheless we had a few drinks and contemplated the meaning of life, before returning to the darkness that spawned us.

When I came home my housemates were (wait for it) having a crazy coke-fueled party. I lay awake in bed all night, listening to loud music that didn't quite drown out the sounds of drug-addled 40 somethings yawping about cars and caviar.


Woke up and skidaddled over to Angi's. Jenny had spent the night, and now we all proceeded to the grocery store to buy picnic related items such as cheese, wine and individually sized Jello Pudding Treats. (OK, we didn't get those, but only because I was severely outvoted.) Then we headed to Golden Gate, where the weather was nice and it was Shakespeare in the Park day. We met some more random Rice people in the park-- Rice people pop up everywhere you go like moles in a Whack-a-Mole game. Spread out our blanket, sat down in the sun... terrible drowsiness... sun washing out everything...

When I awoke the play was almost over. It was 'Richard III' (IV? V?), and I swear that the only thing I remember about the entire play is that there was a character named 'Blunt'. That's a good name for a character in a play.

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