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16.10.00 - 23:48:42

Good weekend.

SAT -- Andy & I randomly went surfing with a ton of other people from work. We drove down to Santa Cruz, where the sun was not out but the scenery was beautiful. After a game of beach volleyball we hit the water. It was damn cold, but with wet suits on we were ok. (I decided that everybody looks good in a wet suit.) We spent a lot of time bobbing in the water just waiting, praying for waves. When they came they came in spurts of 4 or 5. I only managed to catch and ride a wave twice, but both times it was exhilarating. The sky was a beautiful mix of purple and pink, and the ocean stretched out to eternity.

Andy caught a nasty bump on his head, which is further proof that surfing is a highly dangerous activity that only fools would attempt. I definitely want to go back sometime.

(The bad thing about going to the beach is that weeks later, you're still finding sand in your hair-- in your shoes-- everywhere.)

SUNDAY: Dim sum with AJ, Mary and Chuck. They found this all you can eat $5 place. It was so horrible though-- greasy and pork-intensive (I broke my vegetarian diet to try it) and I felt it the rest of the day, like a ton of bricks (greasy, porky bricks) in my gut.

Dinner was a much better proposition. We found this great French/Vietnamese restaurant a couple blocks north of Broadway on Polk-- Aux Delicious or something like that. The merest thought of bun bo (vermecelli rice noodles in vinegar dressing with peanuts, veggies and tofu) makes my mouth water. So good! We had a drink at a trendy nearby bar (Tonic) which I say was trendy only because it was dark, looked like a lounge, and had a cool jukebox. But nobody was there and the jukebox queue was so long that we left before the first of my songs had even started. What a rip.

MONDAY: Today as I was taking the bus to my new office (101 California, gleaming skyscraper in the heart of the Financial District) I saw a bunch of people in the park. They were all facing the same direction, away from me, and they were staring at something. A building? They were transfixed. As I craned my neck out the bus window to get a better look, they suddenly all erupted into chaotic, vaguely synchronized arm flapping. They were doing jumping jacks. But for a brief moment I really thought that they'd all gone mad and were trying to *fly*.

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