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23.10.00 - 23:06:22

Today on the bus, I saw 4 or 5 people all dressed in purple tights, with multi-colored wings on their backs, roller skating down the street in unison.

(No, I don't know who they were sponsored by. Probably or or something like that.)

What else. We saw Spike & Mike's Twisted Animation festival this weekend. It was pretty twisted, but I liked the less sick, more absurd pieces the best. "My spoon is too large. My spoon is too large. MY SPOON IS TOO LARGE." "I'm a banana!" This girl from KTRU (Sally Brockington) helped produce one of the films, a tale of gay/lesbian relations told with Lego characters.

KTRU -- in great danger. We're writing letters but I have the sinking feeling that it's not going to help. College radio stations around the country are dying out. KUNV in Las Vegas, which was a huge and positive force in my life growing up there, is now an easy-listening jazz station with almost no student input. Maybe in a few years KTRU will be all sports, all the time. I'm happy that I got to be part of something so cool, but sad that other students won't get the same chance. Or maybe the students who are agitating for the right to keep KTRU musically oriented will emerge victorious?

Listening to the last track on "In Sides"-- no matter how many times I listen to it, it still gives me literal goosebumps. So incredibly beautiful. Yet whenever I try to explain why a certain song is beautiful to me, I fail or fall short. I know when I read other people's musical writing, a lot of times I just kind of shrug. It's so hard to put into words the feeling you get when you hear something that strikes you this way.

Music like this makes life seem *important* to me. It infuses the mundanity of day to day living with drama and mystery... it makes me think of faraway places that I'll maybe someday see.

We played games this weekend-- Balderdash, the name game. I want to play more games, preferably games that involve wordplay and rapier wit, or drinking.

The cat in my house is blind.

With my laser pointer I can put a red dot on buildings hundreds of yards away. I can touch the tops of skyscrapers. To me the question isn't "why are you obsessed with your laser pointer?" but "why isn't everybody else obsessed with laser pointers?"

Beta Lounge on Thursday was alright. Dan and Amanda came for the first time, and at least it wasn't atonal hootenanny like when AndyK came before. We sat, drank wine, listened to the bitter MC close up the show. "To all of you out there, working on your HTML, or maybe a little 'Shockwave', or even 'Dreamweaver', just let me say... you're fucking lucky to be doing it."

Andy told me a funny joke. For optimal funniness, the girl's voice must be a horribly offensive caricature of inner-city Ebonics.

A girl walks by wearing a UCLA shirt.

Guy: I didn't know you went to UCLA!

Girl: I dih-ennnt! My name's Ooklah!

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