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26.10.00 - 20:24:52

now playing: Talib Kweli & Hi Tek, "Move Somethin"

love these lyrics:

To be continued / Let's see what's next up on the menu run up in you / Lyrics that be fuckin with you / In the mental / Pick any mental / Instru, funda, detri / Extra-extra large like the borough of Brooklyn the residential / Exi - stential / ist, specialist...

I think maybe the problem with this journal is that I'm bored with writing the things that I do or see every day. It's tedious. So why am I doing this? Maybe because I think that someone might read this, or more likely because I think that someday I'll be happy I wrote all this stuff down, even if it is mundane. Gotta have it down for the record.

Last night Shawn, Alex, Jenny, Angi and I went to the Bezerkley poetry slam again. It was better last time-- last night it was "Dead Poets Night" in honor of Halloween, and the dead poets people picked to read weren't always the best. Jim Morrison anyone?

Surely something interesting has happened. What happened on Tuesday? Ah, we went back to Felonious. Also not as good as it was the first time-- they were pretty stoned.

Details, if I sift back through the last few days what details emerge? Got a postcard from Leah in France-- listening to a lot of hip hop, working... went to that French restaurant w/ Dan Amanda et al... smoke breaks...

Just not in the mood today. Revise when & if life becomes interesting to self

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