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13.12.00 - 00:10:39

It's been a while. If i stop for even a moment then that moment spreads into forever. So it is important to keep writing down the things that happen to me in my life. Talk first edit later.

What is up. Cody came to visit-- we went to a Raiders game and pretended to be british commentators. 60,000 Raiders fans were screaming "FUCK NEW YORK!" and we were like "now now... no need to let mere provincial rivalry taint this exuberant spectacle..."

Tomorrow I'm having dinner with a girl i met last saturday. Her name's michelle and I like her a lot (based on the one time we met).

Slowly Angi and I (well, mostly Angi) are decorating our new pad. She put up Christmas lights in the hallway, so now people don't stumble into the walls as they walk in. (Elio also removed some nails sticking out of a post on the patio-- one less potential lawsuit.)

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