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04.03.01 - 20:55:49


Elio Sandeep & I went to MOMA. They had a cool technology & art exhibit featuring amongst other things:

1) a 'sculpture making machine' that oozed & extruded gobs of gooey plastic into bulging lumpen shapes (i.e. sculptures) that rolled down a conveyer belt

Artist Is Commenting On: gender issues, the sancticity of art (Holy Relic vs. mass production), the plight of indigenous peoples in the global south

2) bunches of computer generated squiggly lines that criss cross and vaguely resemble the objects mentioned in the pieces' titles ("rock", "after-image", "SF Bay Guardian")

these were created by an artist who hooked up a tracker to his eye & then looked at/read various things. when you look at something your eye is actually making hundreds (thousands?) of tiny quick jumps, called 'saccades', in order to keep the object in focus. artist graphed these saccades onto paper. result very intriguing but hard to explain

Artist is Commenting On: the tricky nature of 'sight', gender issues

3) many other strange and unusual things such as a maze of tall walls comprised of screenshots from world wide web circa dec 31st, 1999 -- a phosphorus afterimage of a screaming phase that dissolves when the scream sounds (which happens out of sync with the face's physical contortion) -- various computerised baubles and gadgets -- a bar code reading gizmo that makes strange and unpredictable movements / colors /flashes/sounds in response to any bar code you give it -- and more

Artist is Commenting On: many things, in particular gender issues

We ate at the Indian Oven (Indian Palace? The Maharaja's Chamber? whatever) on Geary. It was acceptable although the waiter was too enthusiastic for my liking. It was raining like a motha. Elio & I played pool at the bar that says "We Cheat Tourists and Drunks (R)" outside (and let me say for the record that while i love that motto, the stupid (R) takes all the charm out of it and turns into an bullshit emblem of TGIF-style corporate whimsy-- or maybe it's part of the joke & i don't get it) and made everyone in the bar listen to:

1) Elvis Costello, Pump It Up

2) Luscious Jackson, Naked Eye

3) ??? elio's song, can't remember!

Then we went & played Final Fantasy for a long time. Made it to disc two, after only... 25 hours. Kill me.

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