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12.03.01 - 21:30:25

fri: off work. london decision. dinner @ rasoi. sandeep, angi, jenny, "mange", triet, elio, me. mange = 20 year old indian guy from canada. totally reminded me of kevin, like totally. pothead, snowboards and surfs, doing some kind of physics. must be smart.

after dinner we infiltrate usf campus. (i grab a student newspaper to look inconspicuous; lead story: "students call for tighter campus security"). "i've got 4 thugs here attempting to buy marijuana"

no dope to be had, but we pick up some at my house. also make stops to buy rolling papers, alcohol. takes forever.

at shawn's house-- sippin on gin & tonic, martinis, smoking. i gets very fucked up, don't remember end of the night too well. mange's solid joint ("it's like trying to smoke a stick")

sat: a beautiful day was predicted by all, and the sun comes out. not perfect-- still a bit too cool-- but best day we've had in a while.

sandeep triet & hitesh come up. they razz me about organic... something about organic, related to behavior last night. can't remember for the life of me. we eat at Q. then to the park. rolling vista appears over the horizon, drum circle and people all out for a day in golden gate. frisbees get tossed. shawn & i then play racquetball for a while-- fun! back to da house, shower & sit around, burmese food, talking to post-it punk outside giant robot (or whatever) @ fear and loathing. he was also 20. i am also a post-it punk.

finally elio shows up & we take off for MOMA party. park, meet stirling. i've necked a pill but it hasn't kicked in yet. doesn't until we get thru the doors and we're waiting for drinks. the music is not bad, though not great. everyone is dressed up and exotic.

checking out the exhibits, telling cockroach story to the fridge. my head is starting to soar. wandering, the night disconnects into endless events:

party in the green room ("feel the melatonin!") talking to interesting looking couple @ scanner, man or astroman, firepole scaling (the human ladder! amazing! american gumption), talking to what's her name the accupuncture worker who Doesn't Actually Do the Accupuncture, sherri?. we chat about marriage & whatnot. pledge to meet on the dancefloor

wandering, looking at the exhibits. smoking near the ping machine, where i meet kathy & her pretty friend. we smoke & talk of politics & art -- she does microbroadcasting, just came back from india. talk of iceland. pretty good conversation. she does installations & such.

two punks are sitting on the wheel thingy in the middle-- they topple it. (later in the night, running into them & enthusastically exclaiming "hey, you guys toppled that thing!!"-- met with stony silence :) that cute girl andrea was instigator

dancing on dance floor, acquiring those crazy glasses-- god i got so many compliments on the glasses. really felt like the center of attention. smoking outside, conversation w/ girl & her half indian friend & crew... exchanging glasses, bugging couples trying to make out, bantering about the price is right. talk of grad school & hating jobs & such. good-bye

conversation at the water fountain

me (to man w/ glowstick in his waterbottle): is your water *glowing*?

man: yeah. are your glasses glowing?

me: also true.

(respectful moment of silence, then we go our separate ways)

smoking w/ elio... three cigarettes in the hand

couple asleep on each other waiting in coat check line

a late night visit to the lucky penny. SLOW service. we talk of nothing in particular, just resting. the waitress called elio 'honey' and this greatly raised his estimation of the establishment.

crazy visuals when back home -- really intense looking at tile pattern of shower, and seeing light bulb afterimage moving back & forth near christmas tree, wearing glasses in darkness

sun: aches and pains. chocolat w/ seema

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