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08.04.01 - 3:54 p.m.

It's amazing how much work you can get done on a Sunday with no distractions. I've been here an hour or two & gotten more accomplished than I ever do on Monday.

This weekend, lessee. Well Thursday I was locked out of our apartment (the story makes me sound like an idiot, so no need to dwell on it here) so I crashed with Shawn. Watched Survivor, read skater mags ("Big Brother" is quite good, esp. their over the top interviews), drank. Friday I stumbled through work like a walking corpse, and thankfully Angi returned from Portland around 8 and let me in. We ate dinner at Saigon & mucked about the house. I started playing Metal Gear and have already learned many valuable lessons about tactical espionage. I don't know why Japanese video game characters always have such weird names. "Solid Snake"? "Psycho Mantis?" "Revolver Ocelot"?

Saturday : more video games, then in the evening we drove down to Palo Alto to meet up w/ P.A. crew and spend the evening with David Sedaris. He was great. He has wonderful comic timing & the reading went really well. He talked, among other things, about being a books on tape fiend (or "tapeworm"). [on people sneering at books on tape]: "I mean, all the words are *there*. It's not like they left anything out. And would you rather say 'I read Lolita', or 'Jeremy Irons read Lolita to me'?"

Sunday: some brunch (I tire of brunch menu items; death to eggs, pancakes, etc; I want variety & less grease & more veggie options; maybe I should open a restaurant) and then some work, and now I retire to (you guessed it) play Metal Gear. I'm hooked baby.

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