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25.04.01 - 12:19 p.m.

So I don't forget, like the guy in Memento who can't hold on to memories, here are some notes:

Friday : party at the Cartoon Art Museum! I manned the kegs and served drinks ranging from beer to... er... beer. (Marin Country Brewing Co's. blueberry ale was especially good.) We had major technical difficulties with the kegs, so I spent much of the night sheepishly apologizing to people for foaming the hell out of their beer. Not that they seemed to mind. "It's free right? Foam away." In general it was pretty cool -- several attractive girls flirted with me all night, which had me considering a new career in bartending.

The Cartoon Art Museum is one of the first places I ever visited in San Francisco, 5 or 6 years ago. I remember they were having an exhibition on the Tick. I thought it was awesome. It's exactly the kind of thing that made want to live here. So now it's nice to get the chance to go back, and meet people with tattoos & have conversations about Zippy the Pinhead.


Last Thursday - Elio Triet & I went to see Ed Rush & Optical at this sketchy club out by the docks. Judging from the 18-wheelers parked outside and the short order cook working inside, I'd have to guess that this particular club functions as a truckstop during the day. Ah, the glamour of drum n bass. Every so often this particular strain of my musical tastes comes to the forefront. I go out and buy 2 or 3 new compilations, and listen to them nonstop. It started a few years ago with Kemistry & Storm DJ Kicks, but lately my favorite is this Grooverider Pure D&B 2 mix that Triet burned for me. Oh my gosh! etc. etc.

D&B sounds so much better live, when the bass is massive and you can feel it move through your body, when the high end skitters overpoweringly and overwhelms your senses. I think of it as hardcore in the same way I used to be into Helmet and Unwound. Sometimes you just have to listen to something loud, dark and relentless. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way, cos at Ed Rush and Optical the club was *rammed*.


Working a lot. Got my computer, need to start writing more. Yesterday I was typing a letter on behalf of this guy the police killed in Guyana. I don't even know where Guyana is. Amnesty International's letter writing campaigns are built on a simple but great concept: tyrants and torturers are more reluctant to do their dirty work if they know the world is watching.

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