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29.04.01 - 12:12 a.m.

Another weekend passed without any major bar fights or breakthroughs. Today I wanted to see some trees, so I walked 8 blocks up to Presidio. I've been in this neigbhorhood almost half a year and this is the first time I've gone up that way! The grasslands were beautiful, the wind was blowing and the sun was out. I called Matthew & talked with him as I crunched down leafy paths & surveyed the land. In the shadow of a tree I heard how he was going to teach at TIP again this summer. He was leaving soon to visit his girlfriend in Germany. His classes were going well, he was on track to do his PhD and follow the academic path. I sort of gnashed my teeth in jealousy as I sat back in a pad of moss. I was so envious that I even forgot to call his girlfriend a "Communist Connie".

Later, Shawn and I piloted RC helicopters on the television screen and made them fly through goal posts and pop balloons. Jenny & Angi brought pizza. "Sorry doesn't put thumbs back on!"

Cosmo's stuff came and I listened to his mix all weekend, strolling aimlessly down Clement* with oversized headphones that almost certainly looked silly. No matter, the sound was amazing. Thrilling rumble-- seriously as good as Grooverider pure d&b2 or Kemistry/Storm mix.

Cosmo thriving as a DJ, Josh heading off to New York to introduce them to his style of drama (got to see that, haha), Matt penning papers, Triet & Sandeep working on label, Todd & co. firing away on lowfashion. Don't forget Jenny's playing french horn, and then Julie's working for nonprofit in Austin... the list goes on. Everybody's life reminds me that it's possible to work for the world's betterment, without giving up the things you love.

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