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25.05.01 - 4:16 p.m.

Not a big sports fan but I do get into the NBA playoffs. Last year was great because when the playoffs came around, I was in Las Vegas (back from the big travels, hadn't started job yet). Since I didn't have to work, I spent a lot of time in casino sportsbooks. I like watching games in sportsbooks because

1) They give you free drinks

2) They have huge TV monitors all over the place. Major casino sportsbooks look a lot like NORAD headquarters, only more serious.

3) Everyone in attendance is really, *really* concerned about the score of the game. When someone misses a free throw you see grown men burst into tears.

I bet on the Lakers last year, not because I like them (I hate Shaq's theatrics & I'm not a fan of Los Angeles the city either) but because they were the "sure thing". Allow me to laugh bitterly for a moment. Ha. Ha. Ha. Although the Lakers dominated the playoffs, the *one game* I chose to put money on was a disaster. They came out early looking like they'd been up partying all night, and went on to suffer their biggest loss of the season. Now I have a personal vendetta against them. They're rampaging through this year with no losses yet, but goddamit, they can't be allowed to make history. Even if they win the next two series, please God let them lose a GAME. If they don't lose soon, I may have to travel to San Antonio with a length of pipe & do some serious Kobe-knee-whackin.

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