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01.06.01 - 3:40 p.m.

My brother's in Casablanca.


aj: Conversation I just had:
aj: Intern to Moroccan MBA project analyst: "You watch "Friends" here?"
aj: Moroccan to Intern: "What, you think we have only camels and desert here?"
aj: Other moroccan chimes in: "And goats. Do not forget goats."


From: Aj
To: shiva @
Subject: mmm. . . pigeon
Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 16:09:52

Had "pastilla" for lunch today, which I'm told is a moroccan delicacy. Sooogood. It's made of pigeon and slivered almonds and cinnamon baked in a flaky pastry crust. I was just thinking of what a great cottage-industry this could turn into at Rice since we have all of those free pigeons running around that nobody likes anyway. The ultimate in renewable food resources.



jcruelty: i have an idea for a new food
aj: me too!
jcruelty: it's called the "morocco taco"
jcruelty: hahahahahahaha
aj: oh, mine's better -- pigeon donuts
jcruelty: well mine has pigeon meat in it, duh
aj: but mine is sweet and tasty
aj: and i had one yesterday
jcruelty: shut up
jcruelty: you did not
jcruelty: with pigeon in it??
aj: "pastilla"
aj: quite tasty, once you get past the whole disgusting thing
jcruelty: oh like the email.
aj: i'm going to market "pigeon donuts" at Rice
jcruelty: haha
aj: think of how cheaply I can acquire pigeons!
jcruelty: call them 'morroccan donuts'
aj: and it can be added to my line of products. . . meat-nog, goat-meal, and cow-chip-cookies
jcruelty: high in fiber
jcruelty: "nog" is a funny word
jcruelty: it just sounds funny
jcruelty: i could sit here saying it all day
jcruelty: maybe i will
jcruelty: while rocking back and forth and sucking my thumb
aj: i think you should get if it's not taken
aj: maybe start a line of nog-nog jokes
jcruelty: nog nog
aj: who's there?
jcruelty: meat
aj: meat who?
jcruelty: um
jcruelty: nice to meat you
jcruelty: or something
aj: your nog-nog jokes are doomed to failure
jcruelty: i can't work under pressure

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