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05.06.01 - 1:51 p.m.

So so distracted. This is bad. I have all this work to get done but I keep drifting off into thoughts of red hair. GAH!! I wish I had more control over my mind. But as they say, "if wishes were horses beggars would ride." A Yiddish variation is, "if your aunt had testicles, she'd be your uncle."

I like Tuesdays cos Tuesday is farmer's market day at the Embarcadero. Right now I'm eating these bing cherries I bought. They are bursting with bright red freshness, there is freshness running down in great juicy droplets. Fingers are stained and the keyboard is looking none too good. I also bought a stylish grocery bag that i think turned a couple of heads when I walked back from the market. ("it's european... it's a man-purse")

We were watching "Pop Stars" the other day, and there was a girl auditioning whose name was "Jangela". She MUST have been from L.A. "The J gives it zazz." I wonder how many times in her life this conversation has happened:

other person: what's your name?

Jangela: Jangela.

other person: angela?

Jangela: no, JANgela. with a 'j'

other person: that's the stupidest name i've ever heard.

Jangela: yeah.

Her parents couldn't have named her that, could they? Maybe I am being culturally insensitive. Ok, whatever, but all I want in life is for Jangela to make it to the end of the competition and become a popstar and do an album with D'Angelo.

i have to work, this is insane

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