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07.06.01 - 5:46 p.m.

I've hit the point where i'm in danger of forgetting things if i don't write them down NOW. not sure how interesting this will be (as if all the rest have been potboiled thrillers) but i need to nail down start with last weekend update


"hot yoga" @ crunch. they turn the temperature up, in an effort to relax your muscles or at least make you so sweaty that you don't notice that you're in pain. halfway through i started feeling queasy-- dont know if this was because of the contortion or because the instructor kept saying things like "imagine you're drinking from a pool of golden energy..."

in the evening i went on a spree at green apple. i should stay away from that place, bookstores will bankrupt me. picked up some strange comix (happiest boy in the world / rocket sam), pamphlets, magazines and an incomprehensible book (invisible cities) by italo calvino. i like showing it off on the bus. i read it at a near-vertical angle so people can see the title.


my arms hurt like HELL. stupid yoga. spent the afternoon lolling around north beach w/ seema. we played scrabble and ate lunch at this cafe where all the tables were on a slanted sidewalk. the other tables actually weren't so bad, but ours was ridiculous. our plates kept sliding downwards, and we had to perch the salt/pepper/balsamic vinegar on the windowsill to keep it from falling. the waitress just laughed.

in the evening, went out with amber. i am smitten. her eyes sparkle when she talks. she owns 4 boa constrictors. don't know how it's going to turn out, but in any case it was an awesome date.

1. dinner at kennedy's irish pub and curry house (guinness + indian food is a good combo)

2. calexico @ bimbos (grand mariachi rock).

3. pie & loitering @ 24hr video cafe. as we were paying, this boy came up & started talking to me. i honestly thought he was retarded. but it turns out that a) he was irish with a thick brogue, b) he was really really drunk, c) he was speaking (why not?) PORTUGUESE. ah, late night diners

4. rented 'weird science' & watched that back at my place.

5. arm wrestling-- i am wondering if she let me win. i need to pump me some iron.

Mon Tues

work work work. ton of bricks on my chest.


work, but i cut out early to catch the 76ers/lakers game. what a game!! i was jumping and yelling and throwing things. what joy to see the smug smirk wiped off kobe's face as iverson hit clutch three in overtime, lakers falling apart at the finish line... man that rocked. i still think philly's doomed, but at least they dented the lakers record. kobe may own a ferrari, speak italian and pull all the honeys, but he's still named after a side of beef.

since the game went to OT shawn and i only got 30 mins on the racquetball court. stupid "summer hours". didn't keep score, just thwocked it around. on the way back home, walking in the darkness, i heard a payphone ringing as i came to anza & arguello. i always pick up ringing payphones- appeals to my sense of mystery. it was some lady asking who had just called. i said i don't know, it's a payphone. she asked where it was and i told her. "arguello huh? i know exactly who that is. thank you." did i rat somebody out? or maybe i helped her catch a stalker. that night i was saying to angi how i couldn't imagine anybody resisting the urge to pick up a ringing payphone on a deserted street corner in the middle of the night. she said she wouldn't pick it up, and then i realized it might be different for girls than guys.


work work work. noose round my neck. but happily i'm cutting out early, heading over to berkeley for dinner w/ amber. one last thought-- this morning i was listening to surfer rosa, and i noticed frank black starts out screaming "where is mah body?!", and then later in a different song he also sings "where is my mind?" get it together dude!

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