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12.06.01 - 11:19 a.m.

Yesterday Lonely Monday Morning was stuck in my head all day. Poor Snow.

lonely lonely lonely monday morning

and ah didn't have NOOOO COMPANEEEEEE

"Lonely Monday Morning" was on the backside of "Informer", Snow's big hit. My friend Greg played that tape a lot in high school. We would roll up and down the block in his beat-up Camero, looking for something to do. Everybody's got songs associated with particular times & places and for me, Decatur Blvd. in 1995 was all about L.M.M.

Greg was very into his sound system. He had military-grade subwoofers. You know how sometimes a car will roll by and the bass will be so ridiculously loud that windows start to rattle and you can feel your clothes vibrating? His car was like that.

Haha, I remember one time he was playing something-- very heavy, BOOM BOOM BOOM, and I asked him what it was. He replied, "Bass." Well yes there is certainly bass in this music, but who's the group? "It's just bass, man." He handed me the CD. It was a compilation, "Best of Bass Vol. 4." All the artists had names like "Bass2Dark" and "Basstronic" and "Bass Crew".

enough of the distant past, let's get to the recent past. as usual i do weekend update. you will eat it and LIKE IT


so tired. i've been very sleep deprived in the last few weeks, but only cos life has been fun & busy. anyway after work i took a bronchaid to wake me up. do you know about these? i didn't until the 2000 new years funfest in genoa, w/ graham & co. Man that was an educational week-- i learned all kinds of things, such as the salutory effects of bronchodialators. the idea is, you get a lot more oxygen with each breath once you've popped one. the effect is to make you feel hyperalert, like 10 cups of coffee. they really work. it's a bit sleazy somehow (i think eminem penned a song extolling the virtues of mini-thins, or at least making reference to them) but sometimes one must go that route.

we ate pizza at the pizza place on arguello where all the softball leaguers hang out. watched the lakers beat up on the 76ers, argued with waitress about whether or not you can combine pesto and tomato sauce on a pizza. (you can.) then off to cinerama @ great american music hall.

it was the first time i'd been to g.a.m.h. it looks like the fillmore, but smaller and slightly tackier. lots of gilded ornamentation. the guy from cinerama compared it to a brothel, which i wouldn't know but it sounds about right.

the show was really good. i hadn't heard britpop in forever. i'm a sucker for harmonizing & powerchords, and brit rock stars are always interesting. the cinerama guy (i'm too lazy to look up his name) looked like a prototypical b.r.s. -- he had jowls, he had a bowl hair cut, he even had dry witty repartee on the mic! i wish more singers were like that, as opposed to [drone] "this next one is the first song from our new album" (imagine the beastie boys sample, those lads do have a sense of humor)

i was starting to feel kind of lightheaded by the time the show ended. maybe drinking & bronchaid don't mix? no, but it was good. i sank 200 feet into my bed and that was a nice end to the night.

finish this later, i'm off to farmer's market for yellow flesh nectarines and god knows what else!

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