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29.06.01 - 1:48 p.m.

Stomach distended from leftover delicious dinner at Q. Portabello risotto w/ asiago, chocolate bread pudding w/ sundried cherries & creme fraiche. I sound like an issue of "Food & Wine" magazine. "Will sir be having the Aston Villa '78 with that?" (Wait, is that a wine or a car? A car you say? Well (dignified pause) bring me the car then!! And be quick about it.)

Shawn got laid off today. I am majorly bummed. It's bad enough that I might get laid off soon, but it *really* disheartens me that he lost his job. I demand that someone give him a new job soon, because Shawn has made all of our lives better by moving out here & it is urgently necessary that he stay. Here are some things I have learned or done because Shawn came to town:

1) racquetball
2) snowboarding
3) lighting your finger on fire from a burning alcoholic drink
4) flicking "comets" from a matchbook
5) how to do cool moves on tony hawk 2
6) misc. secret advice about many topics
7) microwave a bar of soap

Ok, so #7 was perhaps not the best of ideas, but you see my point? Look at how much cooler my life is cos Shawn came. I don't know what's going to happen but I hope he lands on his feet.

The week had been so good. Mon. I met up with Nicole for dinner-- it had been a long time & was good to catch up. We walked beside the ocean & discussed relationships, tapioca pudding & jobs. Tues. watched the premiere of Real World/Road Rules (casting special) w/ Amber. It was really bad-- I hated all the cast members except for Blair. The one good thing that came out of it was that I learned a new phrase:


This must be said indignantly, whilst bobbing head and holding out hand to ward off haters.

Weds. had dinner with Nate, who's finally in town. He told me about getting his ass kicked in Capoeira classes in Spain, & Americorps & life in general. We went to 26mix to catch Richard Devine, who played an abrasive set. There were people dancing there, and it mystified me because they weren't dancing to any beat that existed in the bar. It looked like they were dancing to music they could only hear in their heads. PHHPPPT (I'm making the 'someone's been smokin too much weed' gesture. i don't know what the equivalent gestures are for other drugs)

shawn & triet & yanin showed up there too. drank too many drinks, crawled into bed, back to work thurs, taking it easy since it's last week before live weekend. angi & i went to buy yoga mats at this yoga store on arguello. The lady at the counter was this funny German woman who was very "yogic". She used that word a lot. I described this guy I'd seen at my gym who had a leopard skin bag to hold his yoga mat. She wrinkled her noise disdainfully and said (in her sing-song funny german accent) "That isn't very yogic, is it?" I guess not. Anyway we hightailed out of there but not before she gave us the run down on "Funky Yoga", this place on Van Ness that I'd asked about. (I always see it when I'm walking on Van Ness & it looks funky.) She replied, "well zat is fine if you vant to pump up and look at yourself in mirror and vatnot, but if you want to focus on the inner self and achieve peace and blahblahblahzzzzz" (sound of me falling asleep)

Today, I get off work at 2. Amber, Shawn, Nate & I are riding in Critical Mass-- excited about that. Then Zeitgeist. I have to go back into work at 2am, which is crazy but necessary since this weekend we go live. Then I'm off work at 2pm saturday, and done with this project! Then onto the beach, unless I get fired on Monday.

Latest project: learning elitespeak (i.e. 3l33t speak, i.e. hacker talk)

alouts: this is what you are!
alouts: //4||||4 83 |-|4X0r
jcruelty1: haha
jcruelty1: you inscrutable hacker
alouts: I actualy copied that off of /.
alouts: some more for ya
alouts: H4h! 1'm 7337 4nD 1 0wN j00! Wh47 d035 7h3 5y54dM1N d0 411 d4y? 5uRf pr0n? 7h3 w3b c4ch3 15 fu11 0f nud13 p1c5

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