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06.07.01 - 1:45 a.m.

No more trying to be interesting, just clear the brush. Richie Hawtin was saturday @ Decibel (market & 3rd). Decibel = major sweatbox, hot sticky bodies everywhere. Nevertheless, fantastic sounds made it all bearable. Who could resist being techno animal? Hands were in the air, breakin it down!!

Sun went hiking w/ A. out to Mount Tam. Deep in the forest it is very quiet, and redwoods soar so high you have to crane your neck to see. It was a sizzling day but in the shade of countless trees we were ok. Halfway through we stopped along a steep part of the trail, sweaty & out of breath from climbing about 500,000 consecutive trail steps. We sat on a log and just looked out past the steep drop into the forest. Birds, lush underbrush, everything older than us. You steal such moments of bliss as can be stolen.

In the evening, Elio's bbq. There were severe technical difficulties getting the grill lit. At one point Triet got so desperate to kindle the fire that he ran over to the dryer, pulled out all the lint from the lint screen and tried setting it ablaze. You have to be pretty desperate to try starting a bbq with lint.

Elio: A---, I'll give you a dollar if you eat that [disgusting congealed fondue cheese]

Me: No way!

Elio (shocked): I don't even know you anymore.

Mon I went to work and did not get fired. 390 others did. It's boring & depressing to talk about work so I won't, except to say that I am actively searching for a new job. Email me if you have any suggestions. "Circus performer" is not viable.

Tues I hung out with Todd, who's visiting from Portland. We craftily obtained free lunch by eating lots of fruit samples from the farmer's market. No one was the wiser! Scrabble was played. I've been playing a lot of Scrabble lately. FYI, "aa" is a word that means volcanic ash (or something like that). "ai" is a three toed sloth. "qat" is alternate spelling of "khat", which is an Ethiopian leaf you chew to get an amphetamine high. I tried it in London but despite chewing a whole fucking bushel of leaves, I didn't feel a thing.

Today A. & Ann Marie were going to host a spiked watermelon party, but it fell through due to fevers and sickness. So instead a bunch of us ended up at Shawn's. We tried to watch fireworks from his rooftop but not too much success-- we saw some but they were faraway, coming from oakland or fremont or who knows where. 4th of july always sounds like a distant war. We finally played Hungry Hungry Hippos. Minutes to learn, lifetime to master. Sandeep's friend seemed cool but her name is escaping me. Anita? It definitely started with A. She ate the most marbles. Note to self: the orange hippo has some kind of advantage.

This journal is mundane. I am thinking of ejecting from the day to day and speaking only in riddles. I would like to abandon pretense. I analyze my flaws daily and one of the worst (perhaps the worst) is that I am very, very selfish. It is both flattering and scary when you toss off words and years later someone remembers what you said. I am trying unsuccessfully to write a story about being a fireman. They say to write what you know but I would rather write about what I don't know, and make it up as I go along. So far most of the story is about the pole running through all the floors of the firestation. The glistening silver pole. There are no stairs. No elevator either. Just a slick pole. (But then how do they get up?)

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