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31.08.01 - 2:58 p.m.

I finally put up the pictures from Julie & co's visit. You can find them here.

Aside from that, not too much going on... well there's emotional stuff w/ A., but this ain't the time or place to discuss drama. Well it is the place, but I don't feel like it. Suffice to say I'm not great at relationships but I hope this one lasts.

A. & Nate at Chris & Tirza's most recent fiesta. Cuties!

Still planning the Chile trip w/ Julie. I get more excited about it everyday. $558 roundtrip from SFO to Santiago. I will feel so happy when we've bought the tickets.

Julie's gf Rebecca -- another cutie with tha booty.

Been helping out with a movie shoot at work. Basically I gofer shit around, fetch water for the "director", etc. You know a mid-range movie camera costs $100,000? Even more if you get it with air conditioning and AM/FM stereo.

I ordered a cup of coffee, not a bowl!!

notes on the last few days: rollerskating at FAO Schwarz, queer synagogue, hostile glares at 'mango', horrible music at 'the cafe', cooking channa while lifted (the can opener became so unfathomably complex), c & t's 2nd shindig (t. snapping at me when i asked where the champagne was), hungry hungry hippos, the lexington (with... sheryl and ken? who were those people?), cuban music festival @ yerba buena, etc etc etc

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