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05.09.01 - 2:30 p.m.

Cody visited last weekend. We went to Golden Gate on Saturday, and there were different things going on. We tried to sit through Shakespeare in the Park (merry wives of windsor) but I kept hearing this primal drumbeat, and couldn't sit still, so we followed the rhythm and ended up at this Brazilian independence day festival. Among other things, there were lots of people doing capoeira-- it's sort of like a cross between breakdancing and martial arts. The movements were very fluid & powerful.


more capoeria

I also got to see my first Giants game, thanks to Cody's adroit finessing of e-Bay. It's depressing how market-oriented baseball is these days-- it's all about merchandising and selling the product. My hopes of seeing Bonds hit one out of PacBell (which is lovely, btw) were thwarted by the fact that the pitcher walked him every time he came up to bat. BOO!! BOOOOOOO!!! BOO I say. We left after the sixth inning cos Cody had a plane to catch and baseball puts me to sleep after about 6 innings.

What else... we went out to the Presidio to drink some beers in the forest. I can't believe this beautiful land-before-time scenery is only 10 minutes from my apartment!

the presidio

A.'s parents were also visiting this weekend, so I got to meet them for the first time. We had dinner on Friday. (A.'s choice, so of course it was sushi.) It was interesting to see how much she resembles her dad in certain ways-- e.g. they both have a very adversarial approach to conversation.

This morning I dreamt that somebody (let's call him Jack, cos this reminded me of that tv show "jackass") was interviewing Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit, and Jack kept trying to irritate Fred by grossing him out. It was funny because Fred (the consummate professional) just wanted to do the interview and get out of there, and Jack kept asking weird questions. Finally Jack goes, "watch this!", and he vomits up shit. In the dream I remember thinking "gross!!" but at the same time it was cool because Fred was so disgusted by this that he stormed out of the interview. Then it was left to me to clean the shit off the carpet, but my mom kept yelling at me to do the dishes. I told her "just give my five minutes, I have to clean the carpet before the stain sets in," which really pissed her off for some reason. Then I ran away from home (I guess this was taking place in my old house?!) and stayed away for a long, long time.

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