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11.10.01 - 3:03 p.m.

Dear Diary,

I have become your stereotypical lazy unemployed bum. I thought this month would be an opportunity to do volunteer work, brush up on my spanish, and maybe get a haircut. Instead I've been sitting on my ass eating frozen yogurt out of the carton and playing "Double Dragon". TO WHAT DEPTHS CAN MAN SINK?!

Mattorb came last weekend. That was fun, although I felt bad because I couldn't think of that many exciting things to do. On Friday we hung out with berkeley Rice kids that I normally don't see much-- Dennis, Sheryl, Kevin, etc. It was fun to walk around the Berkeley Museum of Art stoned, although instead of going "whoa... everything's so... layered..." I ended up just laughing at stuff. There was one piece called 37'4", that was avant-garde (i.e. ridiculous). It was a piece of elastic stretched across a white wall. The big idea was that when you stretched the elastic, it was actually much longer than its unstretched length of 37'4". Whoa! Talk about transfigured notions of discourse! See I'm not even good at faking that kind of talk. But here's a lesson: beware of any art that has a description that uses the words "negation", "maximalism" AND puts the word art in quotation marks. ("...while negating formal frameworks of "art", the piece seeks to recontextualize minimalism in a maximalist form...")

What else... we played a lot of pool, at the Albatross, Plough & Stars, elsewhere. Went to Triet's housewarming party, which was alright except we all ended up sitting around in a circle talking for 5 hours. Which would have been ok if I was fascinated with the conversation, but truth be told I was kinda bored. It's weird... these are my best friends, I've never been in the position of being bored before. Have I changed? Maybe I'm just going through a phase... or maybe I have lower tolerance for boy band minutae than the others.

Triet's roommate has a projector. Very cool toy. We watched part of "Ghost in the Shell" on his living room wall. That movie makes no sense.

Wandered through the castro festival (it is truly a queer nation), went to some open studios... also we went to a Stop the War teach-in. It was well-meaning but not well thought out. lots of rhetoric but little substance.

took a walk in the Presidio, had drinks w/ A. at Jupiter, made my todo list. Finally a todo list. Forget multi-tasking, I give myself on a back if I even manage to single-task. Why is it so hard to get things done? Why is this diary entry so boring?

well as long as i'm being boring, i might as well clean out all the pores... stream things out my consciousness. so. i had a nightmare the other night, which almost never happens. i woke up at 3AM moaning with horror. A. sleeps like a log so she didn't wake up. We normally talk about our dreams but I didn't tell her about this one, because I dreamt that she killed herself. it was terrifying.

um, on a lighter note... i love the first couplet from "shake ya ass":

I came here with my dick in my hand!
Don't make me leave here with my foot in your ass (be cool)

Whenever I hear that I get this image of Mystikal ringing the doorbell of some party and when they open the door he's standing there with his dick in his hand. "Be cool!"

Shawn got a job yay

I clipped my fingernails yay

Cosmo called the other day, he's finally in town. Oh also A. and I went to Blair's dinner party which was delicious & entertaining & featured attractive peoples of both sexes who told funny stories such as Nels talking about going to WWF matches in a car with no doors. Nels is a fun guy & vaguely we talked about living together next year. I am a fan of blueberry compote, Kristina claims she can't stand blue food. I think that's weird because a) what's blue besides blueberries? you might as well just say you can't stand blueberries and b) it's not like you can *taste* blue.

what is the name of that song where the beastie boys say they're mowin down mc's like they're mowin the lawn? The problem with tracking this tape I made for A. is that I left all my cases/liner notes at home. (this was part of my momentary determination to overcome the 'fetishization of objects' and just concentrate on the information, not the artifacts. man i can be such an idiot)

i know i promised to put up pictures, but they are currently locked in the impenetrable fortress that is my camera. for some reason my computer refuses to connect to my camera. GAH! i don't know how i will resolve this issue, but i'm thinking the best course of action is to have a couple drinks.

if you are interested in playful banjo/bass/violin compositions, edgar meyer's "unfolding" will give you much joy. i am and it has.

i got this pen in india. each time you click, it displays a new message. the four messages are:


blonde redhead & unwound on monday. let loose the dogs of ROCK.

halloween is coming up, ye gods. i have to come up with a better costume then last year. it will be the day before i leave for chile. what i would really like is some mushrooms or aceed. drodawg, wanna send me something in the mail? a farewell gift? :P

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