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12.20.01 - 6:32 p.m.

We're in Buenos Aires right now and things are somewhat chaotic. Protestors are filling the streets, people are looting blockbusters and supermarkets. I'm not sure why but most likely it has something do do with the economy. Almost every place we tried to visit today was closed. Julie and I went to check things out near plaza de mayo and we got teargassed (really). People were throwing rocks at the police and lighting firecrackers and erecting baracades in the streets. Army guys were driving around in armored carriers, shooting water out of high pressure hoses and wielding assault rifles. Most people in our hostel have heeded the advice of the proprietors and stayed inside. Some wag has taped a sign to this computer: "ESTADO DE SITIO FIESTA! AQUI! HOY!" (State of seige party! Here! Today!) They're locking the doors at 8 so we're stuck in here. For our own good innit. Thank god for travel scrabble.

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