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01.24.02 - 7:34 p.m.

Ok cody's coming in 30 minutes and the cat is on my lap, let's chat

We're going to see Wesley Willis tonight. My conscience is gnawing at me because I don't want to be like those assholes in high school who would pretend to enjoy some retarded kid's company because they thought he was funny. But would it be better if Willis put on a show and nobody came? Or if he was still stuck in an asylum in Chicago, doped to the gills and unable to play music or express himself creatively?

If nothing else, I want to see who else goes. Will there be lots of people? Will there be anyone?

Will he play I Whupped Batman's Ass?

Will he have a drink with us afterwards?

things i will write about later if i'm not lazy: venus, whiskey bar, ghost bar, spearmint rhino strip club (the search for lorry, this girl i knew in high school who is now an exotic dancer, continues apace) , jay provine visiting, why i hate driving (the only good thing about it is bumping music in the car), books about dwarfs (not dwarves as in JRR Tolkien; dwarfs as in real life little people), books about software, & anxiety. maybe i should just write about the strip club.

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