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01.31.02 - 7:04 p.m.

i'm in berkeley now, finally. the new house is vast & exceptional in all respects, except that my room has an arctic chill about it. i don't know if that's cos the heating vents aren't working or what, but i will be making demands and taking hostages if things don't improve soon. i suppose i should talk to the landlords before escalating it to a hostage situation.

i was nervous about moving into a place sight unseen, but nate and josh have good instincts. we have a yoga room, a music room, a dining room, a big basement, a big backyard, and even an attic. i don't think i've ever lived in a place with an attic before. i wonder if there are rats or skeletons up there. or a bunch of inbred children whose mother kept them locked in the attic. or an icecream maker. ooh homemade ice cream!!

the house has a weird 70's vibe to it. there's lots of wood paneling. i have this xul solar book that cost a fortune, and has been burning in my conscience ever since i bought it. i think i'm going to redeem the purchase by tearing prints out of the book and using them as wall art. i have an aversion to mangling books, but it's better to have paid a fortune for many prints than one book.

i am eternally grateful to my friends, who help me & allow me to maintain my sanity. cosmo's new apartment is fantastic. i'm really jealous of the way light suffuses his bedroom. triet came with me yesterday as i haplessly drove a uhaul here and there. i fucking HATE driving a uhaul. we had a run-in with the law when i scraped the side of this construction sign. it was the kind of sign with blinking lights telling you to use the other lane. i didn't leave enough room to clear it on the right side. when i got out the construction guys were hopping up and down and shouting "you hurt my guy! this is big trouble!" it must be a reflex reaction. it turned out that no one was hurt and no damage was done, but they insisted on calling the police so we had to wait to fill out an accident report. the cop gave me a half-smile as she was talking to me and said "you know, it's probably for the best that i'm here so the story doesn't change later." i had visions of getting a letter in the mail a month from now, informing me that the entire construction crew was paralyzed from the neck down and they were all filing for workman's comp and their sign had blown up and their truck had caught on fire...

we finally dropped the u-haul off late in the evening. josh gave us a ride back to the house and on the way, he barrelled through this unmarked crosswalk and nearly hit some pedestrians. we heard a tremendously angry female scream and a THUMP. for a moment my heart stopped and visions of prison filled my head, but it turned out that the angry pedestrian had just thumped her fist on his trunk. i couldn't stop giggling and i think i was close to madness at that point. when we got home we learned from nate that earlier in the day, nate's boss had asked him to move a truck. nate jumped in but apparently the gear markings were reversed, because when he shifted to reverse he found himself lurching forward, directly into his boss's car! and then to top it off i saw that sarah got in a wreck too. it's enough to make me hide under my sheets and whimper like a puppy.

josh & nate are so much fun to hang out with. we spent most of last night discussing roxette & the artist's way & other points in between. at dinner they were speculating that a certain friend of ours is secretly gay:

me: no he's not, he's been going out with amanda for years.
josh: can't you see? A MAN, DUH."

in the cold light of day it doesn't seem that funny, but at the time i was giddy with relief at getting rid of the uhaul, and i laughed for an eternity.

cellspace/superbowl/jeff's party/fancy dinner/berkeley museum of art/jelly belly factory/sake factory/alcatraz at night/bikes with dana/valentine's day party/etc all on the horizon. there is a ton of stuff going on with bay area peoples! it's exciting except i wish i had some structure / income to go with the leisure. now i will go open boxes.

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