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02.06.02 - 11:14 p.m.

so clearing the brush, on tuesday went to see sw9 at the roxie. sound by orbital, alabama 3. it was excitingly paced and funny (especially the subplot about the guy who doesn't realize he's dosed himself with a handful of splattered acid) but as i was saying to triet/angi/cosmo, splicing footage of political protests into your movie does not make your movie political. opening short was "remote", same dialogue used for three different scenarios, didn't work for me but at least there was a talking finger.

backwards to superbowl sunday at jenny's. we ate nothing but breaded cheese products the whole day. jalapeno poppers, mozzarella sticks. and moosehead/coors to round out the epicurean bonanza. for once, the superbowl was marginally more entertaining than the ads. patriots win in the closing seconds with a deftly executed field goal. during halftime we watched this show called 'fear factor' where they throw people into pits of rats and drag them behind galloping horses. (come back, insert allusion to christians/lions or joke involving 'ally macbeal'.) the halftime fear factor was different from normal fear factors in that the people being subjected to various horrors were playboy playmates. i thought this was a splendid idea, and hope to eventually see all major network television stars replaced in a similar fashion.

backwards to saturday... woke up at elio's all cracked out. after nice breakfast we (+ david) played pool. david perfected the "ass" technique and used it to great advantage. later watched stunning documentary "one day in september", about the 1976 olympics where palestinian terrorists took a bunch of israeli athletes hostage. the whole situation unfolded on live television, so there was a lot of archival footage. something haunting about the grainy quality of it. the german police were stupendously arrogant and incompetent, and they launched several ill conceived "rescue missions" that ended up getting all the hostages killed. after "one day in september" finished we all sat there in silence for a while.

in the evening, veggie chili and cornbread w/ jenny shawn sandeep, then we sat around talking about afghanistan for an eternity and then went to this grad student party. we got there pretty late and it was dying down (lamers) but they had a projection system connected to a laptop that was playing pacman. it was running MAME, which is a nifty piece of work! emulation is the most elegant concept-- the beauty of comp sci in a nutshell.

before that on friday... we (josh / triet / angi / sandeep / jenny / shawn / david / elio + elio's friends) went to CANS at cellspace. CANS being an artsy hunger benefit (they were against it). finally a chance to check out cellspace! it was pretty cool. admission five bucks plus canned goods, and due to my job situation the hungry had to settle for spaghetti-o's and pinto beans. lots of can themed art works and all kinds of stuff dangling in the dark-- huge cavernous space, lights going off everywhere and big dance floor, ok music, tribal. lots of attractive women, lots of hipsters in costumes (cape made out of bud light can shards was impressive at least by dint of how long it must have taken to make.) those fire dancers from 1015 were there too, hogging the dancefloor and wasting precious oxygen.

firedancer (thanks angi)

we hung out for a while and checked out the puppet show but it was one long in-joke (we were not in). then most of our group left but elio's friends had some ebeneezer goode so we stayed waiting for the kick. i was standing dourly on the balcony looking out at the dancefloor and thinking of that scene in "go" where the girl sells them cold tablets ("it's great stuff... make sure you take it with a lot of pot") when i felt the familiar heat on my neck, ignition. then back to the dancefloor and time rushed by to 1:30 when the lights came on!! couldn't believe they stopped that early. elio's friends wanted to go to another place so we piled/cabbed to 177 townsend, where the vibes were decidedly mixed. it was hella expensive but at that point budget was shot anyway so why not. (stirling to bouncer: "can i get in two of us for $20?" bouncer: "not tonight, harry's playing." ah... well that explains it...)

more dancing, chatted some with stirling's friend ingrid, who studies planetary sciences and had the loveliest smile... space was the place. met this girl sarah and she seemed nice, got her number but it's so hard to tell. when i'm rolling i'm endlessly effusive, i can talk the ears off total strangers, but it's impossible to know whether this newfound extroversion is the freedom to break past barriers and be friendly or merely the freedom to be annoying. will see how it develops. by the end of the night the air begins to feel so cold... the familiar mess of emotions. the heart is a fragile thing.

THE END, and now there is only the endless submission of resumes (does the phrase 'pissing in the wind' apply here? no because that would imply a response; more like 'pissing off the edge of a canyon') and waiting for something to happen. nate & hannah & co. are going to tahoe this weekend, not for skiing or snowboarding (we are all low on funds, me especially given the ill-advised expensive friday) but just for some convivial r&r. i want to go with them but the lack of job is hanging over me like storm clouds over the count from sesame street.

there was a quote hanging in the crack kingpin's car, i can't remember exactly how it went. "every person is guilty of the good they do not do." i probably could have sprung for something better than spaghetti-o's.

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