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02.06.02 - 9:05 p.m.

one nice thing about living in this house is that we get free DSL. josh's mysterious work-at-home market research job pays for it. who would have ever thought that josh (he of the acting schools and organic grocery co-ops) would voluntarily sign on for a job that requires DSL?

with DSL comes the ability to

1. download all the porn on the internet (done)

2. download mp3s. i love reading articles/reviews/writings about music whilst simultaneously downloading/listening to the music being written about. this ties into my general love of reading about things that i have already experienced or am currently experiencing. there's something really sweet about reading a description or analysis of something that you know from first hand experience, and thinking "yes they've got it!" i was talking to shawn about this in a different context over the weekend-- on superbowl sunday i reread heartbreaking work of staggering genius, and much of that book is set in berkeley/SF. i should think about this more and write about it in depth, but later. it's been a fun 4 or 5 days but at the same time i've been very stressed about the job comma lack of. it's a shadow hanging over everything else. will write at more length later about cellspace party, cute girls (many encountered on friday), townsend/x, 1 day in september, pacman on wall, superbowl, sw9, macroecon and STRESS.

music recs are easily actionable if you have DSL, so if you do, go download stuff from arovane "tides" right now!! this is how i feel, or why

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