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02.09.02 - 12:29 p.m.

if you ever wondered what the hilarious speak n spell mc on kid606's catstep (DSP remix) is actually saying, i found the lyrics on

So there's this kid, he mash it up all over the place
With the dub plate pressure all up in your face
Go tell that Kid 6 0 6 do that ruff-neck soldier thing
with the DSP, gwan have to modulate the ring

we talking Cubase V S T, with the hyperprism mods
make the kids go crazy you can see it in their nods
now mister 6 0 6, 6 0 6 with the hybrid gabber-core
no more dub plate pressure make the girls scream, 'give me some more'

so me say: gwan mister peace officer gwan take me down-town (beh)
know the dubplate pressure's now the hottest thing around
now hear this: kid starting to sweat the technique, man he look like he gwan trying way too hard at not a thing, while the selector spin down...

ganja man you gwan, put up your spliff
get the T H C pumping in your veins, then others take a whiff (selector)
so that kid, he gwan putting up a scene
man it real hard to believe that he's only nine-teen (feh!)

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