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02.11.02 - 1:39 p.m.

sunday we had brunch at angi's place. whole mess of eggs and blueberry cinammon waffles, with 'bay area boffo' coffee or whatever it was called. sandeep was chosen (by us? by fate?) to be the WaffleKeeper, and fulfilled his destiny.

many of my happiest memories from SF involve lazy sunday afternoon brunches with friends. just sitting around in the sun, reading the paper or half-watching tv, listening to good music and talking about nothing in particular. the afternoon stretches unto eternity.

cosmo's party on saturday was crazy and fun, although in a lifted state i could definitely sympathize with his mixed feelings about the home invasion. alan and his kung fu-- unknown djs and architects, drums tumbling. in the morning i was afraid someone had jacked my coat, but it was in a pile of stuff in amit's room. nothing like that rush of endorphins when you find something thought to be lost. especially when that something contains your keys, passport, credit card, atm card and cellphone.

vivek's party was ok but we got there too early and had to leave before it really started hopping. all of his friends seem to work for nonprofits. i should have networked more. i am not a very good networker-- like my brother, i have a cynical attitude about the whole process. maybe it would be easier if i had a 'palm pilot'. (insert your own 'palm pilot' joke here.)

this is the horrible face of joblessness!! (thanks aj)

frisbee in the park-- sad how my feet ached the whole night. and the web of skin between index finger and thumb where the frisbee smacked into repeatedly. on the verge of demanding cortisone... must be strong... golden gate park is always so absurdly idyllic. it looks like a mental prototype of a park, a platonic ideal to which all other parks are shadows. the grass is too green, the children playing football too healthy, the sky too blue... there are kites in the air. ducks in the pond?! buffalo!! ok maybe somewhere the platonic ideal got screwed up

earlier watched triet's edit of roadtrip footage. i find it very inspiring to see art created by my friends, dj mixes or movies or even drapes... it reminds me that we are capable of being more than passive consumers. the roadtrip edit featured a rather excellent "coming to america" sequence.

started weeding the garden beds with josh. my hands were uncharacteristically raw and dirty after a half hour of garden work. i felt like a MAN. very dirty man at that.

new boards of canada out soon. i am drifting through a world of haunting snap crackles and pops. what instrument is the melody?

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