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02.14.02 - 10:34 a.m.

Shays-Meehan passed! Now it goes to the Senate, where hopefully they can overcome the filibuster threatened by various soft-money whores. Hunter S. Thompson wrote about football and politics in the same breath, because he realized they were both spectator sports. But organizations like moveon remind us that we still have the ability to participate in the political process. You get a certain rush the first time you pick up the phone and call your senator or congressional representative. I am citizen, hear me roar.

here i come to get some mothergnikcuf wreck

'erotik poetry slam' at Starry Plough last night-- we are going to hell for when the dramatic Indian girl w/ British accent was going on about "bearding her lover's cock" or whatever and josh pointed out that the tv over the bar was showing this old guy in a wheelchair with a keyboard wand on his head, poking away grimly at keys, and it looked like he was typing the very words this girl was declaiming... the more you looked at it the more in sync it was with the poetry girl. first nate snickered and then josh snorted and then the jig was up, uncontrollable laughter in the face of "raven haired chasms" and "soft supple thighs"...

here i come to get some mothergnikcuf wreck

talked to nasa guy on the phone yesterday... it was nervewracking. he was nice and i think he wanted me to be the one, but as he reeled off a litany of skills i realized it was a lost cause. "socket programming?" "no." "thread tuning?" "well not as such." "servlets?" "well i sort of... no." later on josh asked me why i didn't lie. my policy is-- if i have any clue what i'm talking about i'll go with it. but if i know nothing, i'm not going to lie because it will only get me in trouble later. like what if he asks some follow-up question? i'd have to go "zzzst! pssst! sorry, you're breaking up..." and then hang-up and never answer the phone again.

here i come to get some mothergnikcuf wreck
but first I gotta umm vest check, guncheck, clip one check, clip two check

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