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02.18.02 - 9:35 p.m.

gads it is cold in this house.

my laptop speakers are fried... punishment for conducting dangerous and unauthorized experiments in Sound.

i still have no job. that is not a very interesting subject so i will speak no more of it, save to reiterate that sperm donation is out. MY SEED IS SACRED AND CANNOT BE BOUGHT.

good weekend, numerous peoples formed teams and prepared the components of a mexican feast in our kitchen. avocados smashed, limes chopped, beans fried. thank you to everyone who said nice things about our house.

bar hopping in the mission with josh and nate-- more economical with a flask for sure (tip to julieh for that stroke of genius) although it was kind of weird how we'd enter bar after bar and order three cokes please. we resembled mormon missionaries. or (more excitingly) crusty reformed alcoholics.

sebastiao salgado exhibit at berkeley museum of art was fantastic, although the vivid images were not always pleasant to see. they linger. a small boy's face looking out curiously through a shattered window, impoverished children in rags with clear eyes-- from afghanistan, palestine, india, indonesia, bosnia, thailand... salgado's photography is never gimmicky or forced, and even his most harrowing pictures are beautiful.

photojournalism is an powerful art. there are images that become part of our national consciousness-- student kneeling over kent state protestor, naked child running from a napalmed village in vietnam, boy shot dead by israeli soldiers, cradled in his fathers arms. i think these images affect people in a way words cannot.

what else. watched metropolis with elio. good GOD anime is weird. like ghost in the shell and akira, nothing made much sense, but the art was lovely. mutt & jeff cartoon characters on top of lavishly detailed backgrounds. still not sure what was up with the "destroy everything" button that "Rock" pushes in the end. why does the am-lite 70's song start playing? why does everything blow up? and why is the detective guy so unconcerned when his nephew disappears?

in the movie the shadowy all-powerful government is building a huge monolithic structure known as The Ziggaraut. Nobody knows what it does or what's inside. It would be funny if the US started doing this, and everybody was as blase about it as the people in Metropolis. (shrug) "Eh, what ya gonna do. Sometimes the government just has to build mysterious ziggarauts."

have you been smoking pot? no i ha

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