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03.28.02 - 9:18 a.m.

I don't laugh a lot. I often think things are funny, but somehow this doesn't translate into laughter. I've always envied people like my friend Julie (JulieB, not Julie I went to Chile with) who have a ready laugh. I think it's a good quality for a person to have.

Anyway I was trying to think of things that have induced me to laugh out loud. Here are a few I came up with:

1) The Ali G 'remix' of Pulp's "Help the Aged", where after Jarvis Cocker croons "help the aged...", Ali G chimes in with "HELP THE MUTHAFUCKIN' AGED"

2) The other night Josh & I went to Freight & Salvage for their open mic night, and several of the performers were so horrible it was funny. There was one old guy in particular, who played an excruciating, epic-length dirge (charitably described as a "Bob Dylan song") on a bizarre keyboard-like instrument called a omnichord. The MC introduced him as the "elvis of the omnichord". Indeed.

fig a: "It's true, making music is an Art... traditionally demanding years of study and practice to be successful--until now!"

3) various things my friends say on IM

triet, on the video game "state of emergency":
triet1: i've always wanted to riot, and now i can do so without getting hurt

arnie, when i told him i was nervous about a date:
arnab.rm : Take it to the top and other such inspirational slogans!

4) gratuitous patriotism. angi taught me that on yahoo im, if you type **== it makes a fluttering american flag. this is a good thing to interject at inappropriate moments, e.g.

triet1:i've always wanted to riot, and now i can do so without getting hurt

Other good things to say in the same vein are "god bless america" and (my favorite) "THESE COLORS DON'T RUN"

5) mcsweeneys lists

6) jerkcity (although nobody except andyk really agrees with me on this)

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