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04.01.02 - 8:31 a.m.

notes, that need to be made because i'm forgetting

weds: work @ sole, cosmo came up (pleasant surprise) & we foraged at amoeba, messed around with reason, biked along the waterpark (gorgeous weather lately in btown) and then he taught me some guitar stuff.

thurs: went to body manipulations to watch triet get pierced, then we watched slacker. mission bar crawl in the evening w/ shawn. you know it was a good (bad?) bar crawl when you wake up the next morning with inexplicable wounds. (i looked at my hands and wondered... then remembered climbing a very tall fence... dimly...)

fri: panic room opening (lots of yelling a la "don't go there girl!" & "for crissakes RUN!!"), auto wreck (headlight now our ashtray), weird party

sat: work @ sole, everybody came up for football with 12 year olds and long life feast. made fun of 'artists way' (it was hilarious, and i needed that. my friends are great, both the hippie types who are doing artist's way and the cynical destructors who make fun of it) and tried to watch lost highway but tape was fked. i was operating on very little sleep & emotionally volatile, hence silly arguments about whether or not jangela really posted (come on guys, have a little faith! or at least recall the note accurately) and josh's singing rehearsals turned into much bigger issues than they should have been. the morals are a) (as pointed out by triet) it's good to have faith in your beliefs even if nobody else does and b) try not to take anything too personally if you're very very tired.

sun: a nice day to sleep in (got the day off work, praise god). returned defective video & then biked to people's park, where the sun was shining & i watched the most anarchistic basketball game ever. there was a 5 on 5 game in progress but there were also a couple of half court games and some little kids shooting around-- all on the *same court*. it was funny to watch. there was a guy on the sidelines who kept a running commentary and amused us with comments on why it sucks to be taller than 6'1 ("you know sales? sales don't mean shit when you're tall!! you take whatever you can get!")

more lounging in another park, talking to n. who's back from baja... our 2nd date last last thurs was fantastic. i was dancing off light poles and singing and all that. dinner again tonight. take a breath for me.

at times i wish i were more mysterious. i want to be the 'strong silent type'. somehow it seems less exciting to be the 'weak chatty type'

need to keep practicing g c d and doing cosmo's exercises. and figure out how to make burger-ink echos on reason. "father to the sister of a thought" is an amazing song, even if nobody has any clue what steve m is on about. went for a run this morning and stamina's getting stronger. proteins & carbs last night may have helped, courtesy of tofus left over from the feast. i like the feeling the best of stretching afterwards, when your muscles are loose and warm. it's a nice area to run in because the blocks are short and there are many parks.

ran by a scarecrow, and bales of hay yesterday-- what was that about?
when will we start our band? "wall of bass"
i should write about the cafe where i work sometime.

also if mcsweeneys doesn't publish my list, i'm going to publish it here. booyaka!

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