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05.15.02 - 11:42 a.m.

I HAVE LIVED THROUGH AN EARTHQUAKE! Melissa points out that I predicted this would happen. Maybe I should change this diary's name to "The Journal of Pirate Lingo and Prophecy", and issue periodic Nostradamus-like proclamations. "A dark Force will overtake certain areas... various Events will occur in the East." You heard it here first.

The earthquake was admittedly a minor one, but it was the first I've ever felt. We were sitting around Angi's place and I was relating a story, when suddenly I noticed nobody was paying attention to me. This was nothing out of the ordinary. But then I noticed everyone was looking at a flower in the corner that was blowing in the wind. After a moment, it occurred to me that the window was closed and there was no wind. EARTHQUAKE!! We all scrambled underneath the kitchen doorframe, and the ground began to shudder beneath us. It passed in seconds, but we'd been blooded. Now I feel like a true Californian.

there are all these things I haven't written about and probably won't cos it's been too long, but notes: met nicholson baker, won $69 at derby party ($691 for our team, 2nd year we won/placed! yay proud citizen... dana & randy got the moxie), blackout, wallet loss, racquetball, pool, 'taking a break', m. is visiting, tor & little fawn, stressing over m a x i s, laura's moving out here, bay to breakers coming up, loads of gescom [viral rival], ankle pain, reading the turk, modulations, crime and punishment & autobio of luther campbell, leonard nimoy singing highly illogical (weird), secrets that must be kept & secrets to forget. np in my head: "here's what's left"

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