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05.16.02 - 9:14 a.m.

I spent this morning with Josh & Nate volunteering for Bike to Work Day. It was Nate's gig really, but Josh and I helped out. We set up an "energizer station" on Russell & Telegraph and gave out free tote bags, bagels and fruit to people biking to work. It was surprisingly fun. I like having an excuse to shout at people. Actually I wanted to take a step further-- rather than reward people who DO bike to work, I felt we should punish people who don't. My suggestion that we hurl fruit and invective at cars passing by was unfortunately vetoed, so we settled for giving them dirty looks.

Party at Nels's yesterday-- it was a lot crazier than expected. When he called he said it would be a "low-key" affair featuring "hors d'ouevres". So we get there and there are like 50 people shouting and screaming and doing the limbo. The limbo for crissakes!! It was like a party you'd see on a television commercial, except not as bad as that sounds. Nels did a startling belly dance and Arnie drank wine from a bowl.

I've been studying CLR (the algorithms bible; a beautiful but heavy textbook from college) to get ready for a tech interview that might be coming up. Although I'm not a very good geek, I have my moments, and I have to say that the notion of mathematical beauty always occurs to me whenever I read CLR. It contains problems broken down to the essence, solutions distilled to a perfectly economical form. No wasted strokes, no uncertainty and all of it presented like eternal truth.

M. bought some mushrooms yesterday, so we're headed to Golden Gate to try them. Hannah thinks they're shitakes. God I hope she's wrong. I've never done mushrooms before. Will let you know. Prepared to call poison control if necessary.

PS remind me to tell you about these buttons my brother sent me. well i guess i should tell you now. he somehow got ahold of a button making machine and printed up all these random buttons, many of which have pictures of him or me on the front. i love them! i can't decided whether to bestow them as gifts for services rendered (should i sign them?) or wear them on my shirt as an expression of my deep and abiding belief that I RULE!! also, my brother rules. that is all.

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