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06.27.02 - 1:09 a.m.

Salon is going under, according to this thread.

I'm really, really sad about this. For more than three years, I've read Salon daily, in the same way that people read their morning newspaper. It was my morning newspaper. Their focus was left-leaning but never dogmatic, and they did all kinds of fun things ranging from hilarious summaries of reality tv shows to interviews with computer game luminaries to conversations with some of my favorite authors. I loved their interviews, and their book reviews, and their coverage of the DMCA and radio consolidation and DynCorp and the Middle East and pretty much everything. (Their comics were pretty amazing, too.)

To give you some idea of how much I love Salon-- when they began offering paid subscriptions and limiting some of their content to subscribers, I immediately forked over money for a two year subscription. I paid money! For internet content! Suffice to say this was not really a habit. What's more, I even filled out the "optional donations" field to give them more money. This is kind of like donating money to the IRS after you've paid your taxes. But for Salon, I was glad to do it. I'd donate ten times more if I thought it would help. They provided so much great reporting & cultural commentary & humor, all under one roof. I can't believe it's going under in a matter of months.

We're losing something great.

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