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08.22.02 - 6:46 p.m.

Slapdash Review Korner

(with your host, Amar)

dogtown & z-boys: mad, death-defying footage of surfers plunging through rotting piers ... a good movie to watch if you're interested in skating (i am, but only from an aesthetic point of view... i do not desire to break my bones)

ziggy stardust: concert film in which david bowie mimes the fuck out of tomorrow. he MIMES! who else in rock mimes? and he plays some songs that are ok, but i have not yet decided if i can cotton to theatrical larger than life rock posturing, or if i still favor the notion of Authenticity as exemplified by sonic youth's early credo: "you pose you lose." on the other hand, he MIMES! and crazy costumes.

on mission we ran into these girls traveling around the country in a bookmobile, except instead of books it contains zines. had an interesting conversation about whether or not per-zines are dying out as a result of the internet. what is diaryland if not factsheet five for the online set?

i have various other things to say but now there is no time. + a story about mail fraud that cannot be told online, due to the possibility of authorities reading it and me being thrown in jail for (go on, guess) mail fraud. but i owe arajane an email and will tell YOU the next time i see you in person. now i am getting on the train which will take me to see velvet teen at bottom of the hill, and hopefully there will be a restaurant involved cos i could MURDER a tacquito. I VANT TACQUITOS

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