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09.08.02 - 4:22 p.m.

Ritual was incredible. Amazing, effervescent, an affirmation of everything I hold dear. It's things like this that make me realize how blessed I am to have the friends that I do. As a unit, party in a box is capable of spectacular and inspirational feats. Sans irony or sarcasm: I love you guys.

I will put up pictures later. Angi's account is here. I'm also still working on putting together some notes on Burning Man. It's a big task. Time is at a premium, because I'm simultaneously searching for a new place in San Francisco, and I have to find it by end of month. (The day I got back from BM, my housemates informed me that they're giving 30 days notice on our house in Berkeley. They want to start a commune in Oakland. Needless to say this caught me by surprise.)

This has been a stressful week. I miss D. but have been angry and unwilling to talk to her. I've felt disconnected and annoyed with my housemates for giving me such short notice on moving out. I've been frustrated and unable to concentrate at work. But after last night, I cannot be anything but grateful for the opportunities I've been given. We danced till dawn, literally. When the sun came out it absolved the world of sin.

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