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10.03.02 - 12:56 p.m.

partially digested:

baraka @ castro
sleater-kinney @ fillmore
reputation / anna waronker @ bottom of the hill
standard deviations
ma vie en rose
the lecturer's tale
aphrodite @ justice league
resfest (chris cunningham, breath control) @ palace of fine arts
empire falls
ucb documentaries @ yerba buena
ashtanga @ yoga tree
mango rice @ thai temple
angi's hilarious bday party

probably other stuff as well. the days have passed in a blur. is that good or bad? i don't know. there's the whole ex-housemate saga, & getting ready to move, & some things getting worse and some much better. hunkering down in my bedroom making bad music, cos it's all about The Process. trying hard to finish cos it's all about finishing.

hazelnut & peanut butter & ...

an endless catalog of vanishing sensations. each moment must sustain itself.

ich laufe nicht, ich werde getragen

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