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10.07.02 - 10:06 a.m.

Easy, ladies.

D.'s friend Rachel took this pic at BM*. I think you will agree I'm a sexy MF**.

I wish I had more pictures from that trip, but pictures weren't really our focus. I didn't want to start viewing everything as a photo op. Besides, there were lots of professional photographers (like Rachel) who took up the slack. You can find many good shots here.

courtesy A. Mangini

The mooncar belonged to Pinhole, a camp with which Elio and I were loosely associated. The night of the burn, M. took us out for a ride. We spent hours roaming around the playa, stopping at random sites, sweeping our flashlights ahead of us to avoid crashing into the countless installations scattered round the desert. Such a great time. That whole night was spectacular.

The mooncar wasn't just a vehicle; it also served as a beacon. After the burn, everyone in Pinhole gravitated towards the soft blue light. The car slowly moved back towards camp, guiding us all through the chaos. You could see it from just about anywhere. Nothing else matched that perfect shade of blue.

* Burning Man, not Bowel Movement
** Motherfucker, not MaleFemale

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