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10.15.02 - 4:55 p.m.

Last night I slept in my new place for the first time. I felt off-balance, dislocated. My room is filled with cardboard boxes and my bed is currently a sleeping bag on a mattress pad. One of my new roommates (Jessica) was watching TV with her boyfriend, and since my room's right next to the living room, I could hear it faintly. I put on VI Scose Poise to cancel out the TV noise.

VI Scose Poise is good sleeping music. The ball bearings sound like rain drumming on a rooftop, while the tethered bursts of near-melodic tones that start to appear later in the song move continually towards resolution without ever getting there. The effect is narcotic.

I will be happy when I'm settled. Right now home is nowhere.

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