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10.21.02 - 11:36 a.m.

I've been waiting

the days are still going by fast, and all is gas. even work hasn't been as bad. i got terrain reconciliation to work. mysterious geographical suturing can now be accomplished with a single keystroke. meanwhile, tuesday was pumping iron w/ az. and then biggie & tupac. (i wrote a little about it but then deleted from previous entry in the interests of focusing on my emasculation vis-a-vis katie) thursday was lina's foto thing, low key but fun. i pawed shamelessly at the injera and left with spinach in my teeth. afterwards we all went back to kozy shack and huddled in front of the tv, smoking hookah and watching elimidate, blinddate, deathdate and about five hundred other dating shows. would you go on one of those? i wouldn't. but what a great story it would be. is it bad to do things just for the sake of having good stories to tell? sometimes i wonder if nothing is real to me until it gets transformed into words. language is reality; the world started with "let there be light." i'm pretty sure i am channeling someone else's thoughts here but they do match my own outlook. everything in my head recycled.

friday went to sasha's art show at college of crafts and fine arts. it was Challenging, which in this case meant discolored sheets and stained walls, plus cones made of pig intestines. two funky japanese guys were dancing with very serious expressions. one wore a shirt that said "DON'T FORGET TO TOOTHBRUSH" and the other wore a shirt that said "HA HA I'M CHUCK WOOLEY". we drank wine till the wine was gone then headed off with julie for country shack sushi, smoking cigarettes in the backroom with a skeleton lamp for company. ended up at baobab with shawn, jtsui, angi and her ex-linebacker/EE buddies. (why am i telling you all this? does anybody care? i do, i suppose, as i am busy constructing reality.) i accidentally left a lovely pair of pajama pants at the bar, but maybe angi saved the day? looking forward to a fabulous sleep sensation.

saturday went up to davis with a large portion of baycrew for wall climbing and all you can eat sushi. i like the frame of mind you get in when you're splayed against a wall, high in the air, looking up at the next colored handhold and wondering how the hell you're supposed to grab it. i want to do this more. it was good to finally meet michelle, who was visiting for the weekend. we declared our sushi eating contest a tie.

milkshakes at jay's then back to SF, drowsy in the late afternoon sun (shawn as always heroically driving us fwd) and then met up w/ az & lina for dinner & (british accent) theatre. night and day, the second tom stoppard play i've seen and the second i've liked. definitely had that puppets-talking thing going on, same as ayn rand where the characters are just mouthpieces for a point of view. but if you accept it as a play of ideas then it goes down smooth. ended the night at lefty o'douls, where we listened to men and women of a certain age croon songs at a piano bar. drinking irish coffee, writing a guide to dating, laughing at everything. if happiness is a canard, at least joy is real.

sunday we met up w/ nick for brunch, then bed shopping. i got a bed! i got a bed! and a fancy japanese pillow and a kabuki wall hanging. strawberries and coffee in the only sunny spot on a street in pac heights. feed me a strawberry and this one goes into the books as some kind of first world fairy tale, a life of sinful leisure. a movie moment.

back to receive the bed, out to rainbow for groceries, and finally an evening in with channa masala and surprisingly good rainbow wine.

m is right about the importance of connection. "we" is a charged and vibrant word.

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