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11.23.02 - 2:05 p.m.

thanks to shawn, who took that picture of me in the last entry. we were at the big anti-war protest that happened october 26th. there were a lot of people there, and though i doubt it accomplished much, let it not be said that everyone in america wanted to go to war. at least 100,000 in the bay felt otherwise.

i'm writing about war like it's a fait accompli, but who knows really. it's just hard not to expect the worst after the grim results of this year's election. the 80's are back in every way-- socially, culturally, aesthetically, politically. for the first few days after the republicans took control of everything, i felt as though i were seeing the world through a black cloud. is this what it was like to be an adult in the reagan years? call it the Cold War or the War on Terrorism or the War on Drugs, the end result is always sponsorship of atrocities in banana republics and dusty desert hamlets. curtailment of civil liberties, slavish allegiance to the religion of unfettered free markets and deregulation. privatize everything you can get your hands on. rah.

i came not to complain about current affairs, but rather to mark the highlights of an excellent month. most things have faded from memory (wasn't that a large part of why i started this? to remember?) but some things that stand out:

awesome halloween boat party. (check out that link-- the pictures are great. of course i expect you to be following ALL my links, but who are we kidding)

costumes and good music are the keys to the kingdom. i reprised my iron chef costume due to lack of time. az. was a sheep, but most of her costume was gone in this pic cos the indoor dancefloor was 500 degrees. lina was a "millennium bug", which took on an added comedic aspect because she was recycling her costume from 2000.

fig a: i hope to see yaz soon in la-la land

check out missy & chaz. missy was a "fork in the road" (you can't see from the pic but her costume was spectacular; she was a sheet of asphalt with a big fork sticking out, and she kept disappearing into her outfit because it was ten times bigger than her) and chaz was one of those dudes who hang out in ski chalets drinking brandy and hitting on ski bunnies. he really got into that role i think.

fig b: adorable

more pictures to come. also there was cosmo's bday, sunset at muir woods lookout, gta3 vice city (oh i will have much more to say on that point), az's bday, epic 4-hr dinner at sushi zone, finally getting to check out millennium. i have learned the healing effects of hot tubs, once again failed to understand that halloween in the castro is a nightmare, ogled belly dancers with provocative tattoos and purchased products at sex shoppes. julie & liz came to visit, my phone makes disco noises, and in a few days i'll be in las vegas for my birthday.

what else. bowling for columbine was better than expected. can you believe they had footage of the columbine shootings?! disturbing, and scarcely believable. sweated gallons at bikram, finally finished "out of place" (an intellectual memoir in the most irritating sense possible), currently giving "crime and punishment" another go. my fellow musik-nerd friends, i tell you now: you will be fighting and clawing to borrow my copy of invisible jukebox once you realize what treasures it contains.

so much else. hard to let go, hard to let the past dissolve into sediment. even the most intense events end up relegated to mere influence, but still it's nice to have highlighter. i have given up on making sense and i am trying harder to set aspirations ablaze, to visualize going to turkey next year for a good long spell. (is this possible? i'm inclined to say no, but that's what i said about quitting sapient and going to chile.) the economy is a mess but didn't someone say? you should never make decisions based on fear.

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