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01.14.03 - 8:29 p.m.

I'm stuck late at work again. I have time to kill while they publish the site, so I'm reading through this archive of emails Laura sent me. They're all messages I wrote to her years ago, some containing snippets of emails I'd received from other friends. This one is from Andy Barron, who was teaching English in China at the time.

i almost got married this week. really, almost hilariously roped into it by social politeness etc etc. a teacher wanted to "introduce" me to a girl. i thought, fine, i like girls, and i like meeting them. but the more we talked about the pending introduction, the more she kept using terms such as "good match" and "father-in-law." i began to get nervous. i finally realized this wasn't going to be an introduction, it was going to be an _Introduction_, with the parents, probably toasts, evaluation of the foreigner and fixing a date for the wedding. at the last minute though, the father had some misgivings. when they were relayed to me, instead of dispelling them i took the opportunity to give a lesson about how things are done in the land of the Free (the US) and the home of the Brave (Canada). so the meeting was called off. i felt like we almost went to defcon 1 though, you know, in that movie War Games, when both sides are bluffing. real brinksmanship. only without an evil crazy computer.

so that's the news from china. oh, plus the purge of the Evil Religion Falungong. But that shouldn't affect me one way or the other. just everyone else. -andy

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