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01.30.03 - 10:54 a.m.

I'm gonna try to update every day. I'm tired. This morning woke up from a spate of dreams involving Burning Man. (Just bought my ticket yesterday.) I dreamt we'd arrived but forgotten our sleeping bags and water. Later Az. was doing this new drug that involved sticking a wire in her nose and she wouldn't share. I also dreamt I was part of an elementary school song writing duo and we skipped around making up songs about Magnus and other Pinhole people. For some reason all our songs sounded like "Meaningless" by the Magnetic Fields.

Why I am telling you about my dreams? To be honest, I'm never that interested in other people's dreams. The only exceptions are 1) if I'm in the dream or 2) if I'm waking up in bed with that person.

I got excited on BART, reading this book called Emergence that talks about self-organizing systems (ants, brains, cities). It mentions Simcity a lot, which I didn't expect but totally makes sense. Maybe I could go back to school to study complexity. That's such a buzzword, but I've always been fascinated by ants & urban planning & computer science, and this could be a worthwhile convergence. It's one of the few fields where my current job is actually directly applicable as experience. And my academic background (cognitive science/ computer science) wouldn't be totally out of place. Will have to give it thought.

Must remember to read Jane Jacobs, "Death and Life of American Cities". That's been on my list for a while but I always forget when I get to the library.

Last night met a bunch of people for dinner at Ploy 2, then we went to see American Mullet. Wasn't as insightful or interesting as I'd hoped, and the audience at the Red Vic was hugely lame. They must have been stoned or stupid, because they cackled maniacally thoroughout the entire sixty minutes. I got the sense that a lot of them felt superior to the people in the movie. Their laughter was of the "har har lookit them yokels with their horrible hair" variety. I think it's a bad character trait to spend sixty minutes laughing at other people's hairstyles. I mean yeah the mullet is horrible, but that joke gets old real fast.

fig a: are you really so superior to this guy? ok, bad example.

I was IM'ing D and she got all cranky about mullet humor being played out. She had a point, but her dismissive attitude bothered me.

We just got free copies of The Sims for PS2. Man, if I took my bed and my PS2 over to Az's house, I'd never have any reason to go to mine. That's not a good situation. I think I'm gonna move in a couple of months.

I know I promised a review of Predatory Drugs, but it'll have to wait till later. Obviously I'll review them in a non-predatory context.

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