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03.02.03 - 7:42 p.m.

I couldn't bring myself to put up the picture of me in the red pajamas and shirt, it's too dorky. I am feeling lovely right now due to 20mg of vicodin and that Blur song where he wants to roll with you over and over, on the white cliffs of dover.

This weekend we rented a car and drove to Big Basin. 17 at night is windy and treacherous, but we made it safely to our log cabin. We lit a fire using a duraflame starter, and felt very proud of ourselves for accomplishing this. Our attempts to make smores were thwarted by the tendency of our marshmallows to combust.

Next day we took a 13 mile hike and then crashed in Santa Cruz with Anthony. We went to see Tortoise, and my firm conviction that they're easy listening was not shaken. It was alright though. There were seats.

Father of the forest - very impressive.

Rangers rock.

Sorry if this is excessively banal, I'm too woozy to write. Revise tomorrow. Here's a picture.

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