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03.18.03 - 1:54 p.m.

The whole world hates us. Bombs away.

I can't say anything about the impending war that you haven't already heard six million times, so I'll spare you and proceed directly to the inane details of my own existence.

Q) I hate my apt. and I'm ready to move out. Az. and I are talking about moving in together. But my friend Matt Shaw also mentioned that he would be interested in getting an apartment with me. Is it too soon to move in with Az.? Would it be bad for our relationship?

A) ________________

Video game moment

Playing Lord of the Rings Two Towers on PS2. I'm Aragorn, fighting that huge ugly troll in the Mines of Moria. After a furious prolonged battle, my health meter is flashing red and I'm almost dead. I dodge desperately behind pillars on an elevated platform, trying to avoid the troll as he swings his chain at me, shattering the pillars one by one. I figure I'm dead for sure, but I'm still shooting arrows at him, and moments before I die my last arrow kills him. He plunges to the crowd with a tremendous roar. I amazed to feel my heart beating fast.

Highlights of the weekend

1) making out in the Tactile Dome
2) sitting on the wave organ watching sailboats sail by

Yesterday I ate more mushrooms and went to Dina's yoga class. It was intense, spiritual and draining. I hate Dina's new age mumbo jumbo and slow pacing, but the hate fuels me. On the way back home I picked up A La Recherche De Temps Perdus. I can't stop thinking about the past.

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