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03.19.03 - 12:24 p.m.

I'm flying to Raleigh-Durham tomorrow to visit Mattch for the weekend. Az. has me all paranoid about air travel on d-day. However, unless my plane gets commandeered for troop transport, I think I'll be alright. note to gods of irony: please refrain from making this entry "famous last words."

I've never seen someone killed by shrapnel, or dead due to malnutrition, or poisoned by filthy water, or executed by a tyrant, or tortured by interrogators. I exist in a beautiful bubble.

Some guy said that after the Holocaust, all poetry was obscene. Some other guy said that "since we are not dead, we turn to our affairs." I waver between a need to justify writing about mundane reality, and an understanding that mundane reality is what I know best. In the end, all I can communicate to you is the quality of my own experience.

Well also I can tell some dirty jokes.

Q: What's the difference between pussy and parsley?

A: Nobody eats parsley.

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