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04.13.03 - 11:45 a.m.


1. vapor rising from my jasmine tea
2. generic downbeat electricaltronica setting the mood. electronic music won, did you notice that? fuck the white stripes
3. bad art on the walls
4. wearing pajamas; exiled here because az. is still asleep and no amount of poking/prodding seemed likely to induce ah-ah/cha-cha
5. there are not five interesting details about this cafe. (paradoxically, that constitutes the fifth detail of interest)

Sublounge, last night

1. this toy car at the bar, looked like a four segmented caterpillar and when you rolled it the different segments would light up
2. rob's luscious afro; is it wrong to want to touch it? i really like that kid. he's studying sociology (started school later than most) and specifically mythology; he wants to be a professor. "i just want to have an excuse to talk to 18-20 year old college girls." "no shame in that."
3. bad dj (lea?&!pfr!og dude; everybody there was leap?$!fr!og). actually he was good in that he was keeping the party vibe going and playing what people wanted to hear; but most of it was 80's stuff (madonna, salt n pepa) and even though the songs were souped up electro remixes, my back still arched and i was hissing, hissing
4. garden of tampons in the bathroom (sponsored by OB? coworker dan is part owner of sublounge and i should remember to ask him how much money they get from OB)
5. girl with the black sleeve-lets (what do you call those things? they're like long fingerless gloves and you wear them with a black gown) who didn't like it when i said she looked goth. (i meant it as a compliment)
6. it seems like 60% of the workers [email protected]$?pf!rog are attractive women in their late 20's. where i work things are not like this.
7. girls dancing on the bar; even when they're sexy, i am always faintly embarrassed, both for them and for me. put down the vinyl skirt and step away slowly.
8. az. is a cute dancer, as you would guess

Hotel Utah, three hours earlier

1. Patty's boyfriend's band had only practiced once before ever, and they called themselves the orangemen in honor of syracuse (i'm guessing this is final-four, although it could be the national polo championships for all i know)
2. She described them as a mixture of bob dylan, grateful dead & reggae. ARCHING BACK, HISS HISS HISS
3. Patty is utterly simpatico and I really like her. The music wasn't so bad, though one of the band members was wearing a grateful dead shirt. Come on!!! The mandolin player was funny because he had an intense metal look and he was really whaling on it, but it still looks like a toy.
4. Patty's friend turned out to be the third best open water (? something, some technical designation) swimmer in the world, and also a massage therapist for the Raiders, and also an ULTRA berkeley hippie. she had just come back from patagonia (the 2nd girl in two nights who i'd met who had just come back from patagonia)
5. some event in honor of the tap dancing dude, bojangles, occurred at hotel utah, and i am really stretching here for #5. but it was a plaque on the wall.

Gordon Biersch Brewery, previous night

1. Downing pineapple juice & beer with almost the entire baycrew (rarely assembled all at once) in honor of Matjo visiting. I lived with him for a summer in Houston and he taught me how to hang. He told us about the 'butt x-ray' from jackass. He finished med school so now he's a real doctor, not just an 'x-ray doctor'.
2. Frat boys and sorority girls, they have the look. I got the Fear. Why were we in this accursed brewery? Cos Arnie and Alicia went to the giants game and it was adjacent. My fave war protest sign from the last one I went to: "NO WAR IN IRAQ, GO GIANTS"
3. (skip an hour backwards but it's the same kind of scene) Cha-Cha-Cha -- the bar in the mission, not the one in haight. A total mob scene. See detail 2. We were there to hang w/ Sasha post art show but I got the hell out.
4. But met some cool kids, friends of Jayeesha's, plus Shawna's south african friend who had just come back from patagonia. You can always talk to people about travel; their eyes light up. It makes me want to go somewhere again but it'll be another year at least.
5. Az. and I were saying how it's funny to pronounce Cha-cha-cha wrong. Put the accent on the second syllable for a good time.

California College of Arts and Crafts, two hours earlier

1. Huge beautiful airplane hanger of a building, interesting to walk through
2. All the art kids and their crews were out in full force; this was the graduation exhibition and all the graduating students were showing their work. Really fun to people watch; art students all have nice bags.
3. A forest of ten foot high rubber S&M boots
4. Pictures mirrored to form eerie landscapes/buildings that look real until you notice one half is the flip of the other
5. Sasha's goop (her clothes are great & she makes them all herself, but I am never that into her art, which consists mainly of daubing streaks of dye onto the walls and letting puddles of goo/lint collect in a corner. it looks like a mess)

Looking ahead

1. I don't know what to do with myself this weekend. The rain washed away all structure. We were going to look in houses in Potrero but I feel incapable of the effort. A flat affectless demeanor , the rubble of my former aspirations , the unspoken but certain knowledge that I will not be the world's third best swimmer.
2. Someone needs to have a BBQ RIGHT now
3. You should buy "Track: Funk Electric", which is a Hydrogen Dukebox compilation of melodic electro/breaks , suitable for running fast on a treadmill or looking out the window on bart or masking sounds of intimacy or staring into space when you're feeling bezerk.
4. I don't really mind if it's over your head, cuz the job of resurrectors is to wake up the dead.
5. So pay attention, it's not hard to decipher; and after the horns you can check out the Phifer.

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