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05.03.03 - 1:20 p.m.

notes for the mix that will never get made :

tone poems : plaid, boc, others. short songs : spoon - car radio (but others?) themes fall apart.

plaid poem reminds me of the escher staircase that endlessly rises. scales are like that, keep going up and up.

can : whom i first heard of in a simon reynolds review of some crap osric tentacles album, whom i first heard when i requested it while listening to some freak music show on KUNV (rest in peace). the dj played 'future days' and i taped it & listened to it many times.

the mix of stuff you never put on mixes, e.g. future days -- it's so long. can't put long songs on mixes. it's a shame. wait till everything's digital and mp3s are de facto, then we will have some truly impressive sets.

idm : such a horrible name, so pretentious (other dance music isn't intelligent?) and such a misnomer (it's not dance music at all) but what else can you call it? abstract electronic? my truest love, but the province of nerdy soundboys. here is a secret i've never kept secret: i don't like funk. i don't want things to be "funky". my favorite music is not funky at all. i don't like p-funk, bootsy collins or the funky moments of outkast.

the hangover mix, the day-after mix.

it's more fun to think about than do i guess.

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